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April 23, 2020

Wind chimes- The sweet melody as sugar

Everyone loves to hear the sugar-sweet vibes of the antique wind chimes. This small but love to hear instrument make your day and night blissful. When you get up in the morning, the fairy sounds of the doorbell leaves you with new energy and happiness. Likewise, the sweet melody resonates with these looks like a lullaby to give you a deep sleep. This beautiful contrivance is made up of metal, wood, or earthen also.

However, antique wind chimes are not magic but the vibrations they produce are more than magic. Additionally, several types of designer pieces are used to construct these doorbells such as hollow pipes, plates, different shapes and styles of earthen artistry, metal, ceramics and wood objects, bells, etc. All these join together in different shapes and hang at the garden or doors. When the breeze is blowing, antique wind chimes generate sweet melodious sounds.

Why people use wind chimes?

There are many beliefs and thoughts about the use of antique wind chimes. Nowadays, tintinnabulates are used as home décor but in ancient times these were used for some particular reason like to forbid the evil spirits and too alluring the good spirits. According to modern researchers, this instrument is using to carry the positive and fresh vibes to a particular area that is god for humans and the environment too.

Additionally, wind chimes consider as the part of Feng shui methodology for positive energy calling. It includes specific numbers of rods, symbols, and manufacturing material used to construct these doorbells. Besides all this, there are a variety of antique wind chimes or Feng shui bells. So, let’s see a snapshot of these beautiful and positive vibes widgets-

Wood stock wind chimes of Mars, Bronze encore collection

These five pieces of tube antique wind chimes are famous for positive energy. These are specially designed for the homes and yards. The music creating tubes joins with each other on a rosewood frame with a nylon thread. A message hangs downside at the center of these tubes with the mark of Woodstock windchimes.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • This doorbell emulsifies melody sounds while the breeze blows.
  • It symbolizes the good planets, Mars and Neptune.
  • The aluminum pipes with bronze finish give a rich look to this elegant wind bell.
  • The round ball in this antiquity makes it bale to produce positive vibes.
  • The Woodstock wind chimes are famous for the positivity of your home.

Vintage copper wind chimes with 3lucky bells

These copper bells with golden shine give the happiest environment to your family. The pentatonic scale with three lucky bells uses a home décor as well as blesses your family with joy and safety. Additionally, you can use these antique wind chimes inside or outside of your house.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • This elegant piece comes with three lucky bells and a pentatonic scale blesses your family.
  • The golden polish on the copper bells gives them a shiny look.
  • This antiquity considers as a phylactery for a happy and healthy family.
  • The pleasant sounds of these wind chimes Dublin serve you with nature’s songs.
  • You can use it inside of your house, patio or in the garden also.

Antique hummingbird wind chime with round top

The circular top of the wind bell with flying hummingbird on it represents the beauty of nature. Likewise, the antique wind chimes have a very deep relation with nature and human beings. So, you feel a soothing love with these tintinnabulates. The flying hummingbird at the top and in the center of each pipe with flowers makes it a beautiful, signature piece to decorate your home.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • Nature’s love with birds represented by this beautiful wind chime by the manufacturer.
  • Additionally, this is a handmade piece and superb idea for the gifting.
  • The curvy top with flowers and a flying bird attracts you to feel the beauty of nature.
  • When the breeze blows, the sweet sounds of this clinging doorbell shower the melody into your whole home.
  • The copper tubes with silver shine, braided with polyresin threads are the best option for your garden or patio hanging decoration.

Six-piece vintage wind chime with S-hook

These antique wind chimes represent the aureole tune with its shiny pipes. The six tubes are adjoined in a manner that they produce melodious tingling music while air blows. This elegant piece constructed with rust-free anodized Aluminum metal and nylon threads. Likewise, the beautifully tuned tubes produce sweet vibration by touching the center broad coin with the company name. You can easily hang this with its S-shaped hook.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The whole pipes and the center ring are manufactured with anodized Aluminum that leaves these antique wind chimes rust-free ever.
  • This beautiful doorbell piece is durable due to its metal and nylon threads used to join the tubes with the circular ring.
  • The coin-shaped center metal with music signs and company name is used to generate tingling sound by touching the pipes.
  • You can hang it easily by using its S-shape hook.
  • The successfully tuned tubes with the E pentatonic scale offer you harmony and a pleasant musical environment the whole time.

Qmt vintage copper vein wind chimes

These well-tuned qmt wind chimes are designed by the company QMT wind chimes. The antique style of these tintinnabulates takes you back into the centuries ago. Although pure copper painted in different shades used in the manufacturing of this beautiful Corinthian bell. Moreover, the melodious sound of these qmt windchimes fills your ears with musical vibes.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The superb quality copper is used to manufacture this antique garden ornament.
  • Additionally, you can easily hang it with the help of a hook in the porch or garden.
  • The beautifully joined pipes with E scale adjustment produce a lovely and pleasant sound.
  • You can buy it in eight different colors.
  • The qmt wind chimes are famous for its amazing vibrations and center and bottom round objects.

Beautiful antique fairy in the moon wind bell

As the name suggests the beautiful wind bell comes with a little angel sitting on the half-moon. The attractive part of this fairy queen wind chime is its attractive look with acrylic beads and metal butterflies. Additionally, the magical vibes of the wind chimes Dublin soothe your soul and you feel relaxed at home. The best quality resin and cement is used to design the moon and little angel resting on the half-moon. This is a perfect gift idea for an air bell lover.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The half-moon with a hanging star in silver and golden shade gives it a perfect shine in the night.
  • The acrylic beads joining the metal butterflies and at the top of the moon looks like a diamond and creates a beautiful rainbow in the light.
  • While you see towards the little pretty angel sitting on the half-moon, a fairy tale comes in your mind.
  • A special S-shaped hook is provided at the top to hang it safely.
  • These antique wind chimes are a romantic gift for your beloved one also.

Feng shui Lucky doorbell with elephants

As the name depicts this wind bell is specially designed for the good fortune of human beings. The metal elephants with golden shine and a Feng shui designer bell under them attract your lucky stars as good luck for you.
Additionally, the elephant considers as the symbol of power, fertility, and genius animal in several cultures, so it has religious respect. Therefore, the antique wind chimes with walking elephants include as the part success and happiness in Feng shui.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The beautifully designed wind bell has its mythical and religious value with walking metal elephants.
  • These antique wind chimes consider as the piece of blessings, honor, and happiness in Feng shui practices.
  • However, whole the pieces are attached with a nylon thread including beads, elephants, bell, and thin strings at the end.
  • The designer colorful top with a flower of thread gives it a vintage look.
  • According to mythology, this doorbell is good luck for human beings.

Haunted wind chimes with skull design

The number of skulls in different sizes and facial expressions are adjusted in six long threads of nylon. Additionally, haunted wind chimes are designed basically for the Halloween celebration, disco bars, and game parties too. This includes the lightening effect in it with 3 batteries. As it is an electric wind bell, so you can use it inside a roof.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The name haunted wind chimes represents the horror look of these types of wind bells.
  • This antique style tintinnabulum comes along different skull expressions.
  • Moreover, under a lightening round top six strings with numerous skulls make your horror decoration more attractive.
  • This signature item considers as the perfect for Halloween celebration, disco theme parties, and horror plays.
  • The decorative piece generates music with a lightening effect with an activation button in it.

Antique heart-shaped wind chime with metal bells

This aluminum wind bell comes with nine strings attached with a heart-shaped frame. The four aluminum pipes, five metal bells with attached acrylic balls and iron sailboats and mini beads, make it an elegant piece or your home. Additionally, these antique wind chimes consider as Boho style bells with a sweet musical effect. The big frame of heart considers a little metal heart in it that reflects its natural beauty.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The big heart includes a small metal heart in it, gives you a message of love and care for each other.
  • Similarly, the construction of this beautiful sound piece considers metallic bells, aluminum pipes, iron sailboats, and acrylic beads joined with each other via a nylon string.
  • Additionally, the clinging wind bell is a beauty in itself and develops deep tuneful soothing vibrations.
  • Moreover, these antique wind chimes show a message of well-wishing and blessings via sailboats.
  • The thread web inside a big heart covers the hollow look of it.

Antique bird nest wind chimes with 6 pairs of bells

This bird nest doorbell is more precious because it gives the message of motherhood love to everyone. The antique wind chimes with this kind of message are best for houses, temples, and churches too. Likewise, this elegant metallic piece is constructed of resin and copper metal bells. Its beauty increases with the acrylic shiny beads in each string. You can use this motherhood wind bell in your home, office, and church, garden, or in the yard also.

Reasons to be snapped up

  • The beautiful message of motherhood is shown in this wind bell with a waiting sparrow and her two babies.
  • The nest and sparrow family is manufactured with raisin and polished with glittery bronze enamel.
  • This signature piece has double story bells, six upsides, and six downsides under the nest.
  • The beauty and attraction of this amazing wind chime increase with the two big acrylic beads in the center and others on sides.
  • You can easily hang it anywhere with a strong S-hook.

Antique wind chimes- The music of nature

There are many famous musicians and singers in this world but no one is better than nature. Similarly, antique wind chimes are a live example of it. The pipes or rings with decorative objects are joined in a manner that produces unbelievable sweet and deep soul-soothing music. When air blows, these air bells tingle with each other and develop tunes in light or deep motion.

In a nutshell, antique windchimes also have their religious and mythological value. A few wind bells consider as part of good fortune and Fang Shui. Additionally, the symbols attached to these also consider as part of success and intelligence. But most of the people use it as the musical widget. So, you can also feel the harmony and joy with the tunes of this natural musician.