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June 5, 2020

Are you one of the people who are conscious so much about the kitchen area of your home?

If yes, then it means you always try your best to give an accomplished look to your cooking area.

From all types of perspectives, the items which help to meet your demands either in quality, cost, durability or looks are vital always.

Isn’t it?

Therefore, even these are cushions or beautiful paintings – every small item of a room is having its prominent role. Moreover, similar importance is of rugs which help to cover floors, giving well and good carpeting safety and reducing sounds while walking too. These rugs are crucial in the kitchen also to keep your cooking area clean, make it exquisite to see and for reflecting safety to your feet and floors. Additionally, an area rug also enhances the elegance which provides a decorative value to a particular space also.

What’s more, rugs can bring pros and cons both in-home if we observe them from a designing and usage aspect. For instance, if kitchen rugs hold design and pattern which go well with wall colors, then it will become a boon for your home. And, if it is not like the way you desire, then it can break your kitchen appearance. 

Now then what is the main matter?

As a lot of options are available for rugs in the trending world. Therefore, it is quite difficult to possibly select the right pattern, shape, size, texture of area rug for your home. We’ve made it simple to you by offering the best kitchen rugs you can purchase now.

How important is a kitchen rug?

The kitchen is the most indispensable room of the house. It needs extreme cleanliness and light efficient ambience. You require high quality, optimum endurance, stain resistance feature and versatility.

This is the area which should be highly lit. Therefore, color is the most vital feature to be taken into an account before choosing rugs. If the kitchen rugs are placed well on your kitchen floor, then it can resist accidental utensils breakage. Liquids also spill oftenly, so you should select a kitchen rug which is fluid absorbent. More in consideration, are the variety of designs in kitchen rug options like vintage, modern, medieval period style or retro era designs. Last but not the least is the factor of safety of floors and your feet while standing in kitchen. 

It is the time to add more flavor to your kitchen features. Without wasting more time, let’s take a guide tour towards the best selections of kitchen rugs which are antique and vintage.

Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area 

This is the most preferred traditional rug which is treated in cooking areas also as a vintage rug. Moreover, this kitchen rug set includes 12 varieties of color and contrast combination. Therefore, you can select an option according to the interior of your kitchen area to meet kitchen rug targets. Furthermore, this kitchen rug is kid and pet friendly, so you do not have to worry about its fabric or material damage. As the rug is made up of polypropylene and cotton backing. Furthermore, regarding its dimensions then the rugs in this option of antique kitchen rug set are of 0.25 inches thickness and its length and breadth are of 5.0’ * 8.0’ measurements.  

Highlighted features

  • Water resistant and stain resistant feature of this antique kitchen rug is highly adorable.
  • This antique rug option is best for those kitchens which face high foot traffic.
  • Moreover, it is of best quality fabric stuff made which makes this antique kitchen rug durable for a long time.
  • The service concerning this rug goes correspondingly with value for money.
  • Traditional pattern and contrasts of lemon kitchen rug goes very well with every type of kitchen structure. 

Loom Trellis Frieze- vintage kitchen runner rug

If you desire to place this rug in the kitchen then you are not required to think about your cooking area. The full size of this vintage kitchen rug is 5’ * 8’ which means it is suitable for large areas at its best and in a folded way for small areas too. The design and structure of this vintage kitchen rug set is done by the brand name Unique Loom. Moreover, the unique geometric pattern looks very exquisite while placed as kitchen carpeting. Regarding its hues options then this vintage kitchen runners rug is available in minimum 10 colors. Additionally, this is the best option among placing rugs in kitchen options because its thickness is quite more than that of other vintage kitchen rugs, and that is 0.33 inches.

Highlighted features:

  • High quality designs of these vintage kitchen rugs bring more versatility to its features.
  • Provides safety to your feet during winters, security to your flooring also.
  • Easy to clean the fabric of this traditional rug brings high endurance to it.
  • Furthermore, there is not any fear of creases if you fold this rug according to space where you are using it.
  • Moreover, this antique kitchen runner rug is quite affordable and holds terrific designing.

Williamsburg Collection vintage kitchen rug runners collection

These rugs are of high quality and advanced elegance. Regarding its size and dimensions then this Unique Loom branded traditional kitchen rug is of 4’ * 6’ in length and breadth. The unique feature of this antique kitchen rug is that it is handwoven which brings a high index of durability in use. Moreover, the selection of this rug is perfect for those who have pets in their house and they fear of some damage to rug fabric. Because, these vintage kitchen rug targets for amicable nature with pets. Additionally, floor carpeting can acquire a more finished look with this kitchen rug as it is only 0.16 inches thick.

Highlighted feature

  • The polypropylene fabric of this antique kitchen rug  is suitable to place on every type of floor.
  • It is a multi-area usage rug, pineapple kitchen rug contrasted hues can be used in small and large both types of cooking areas.
  • Moreover, this antique kitchen rug is not that soft and rough up to a more extent which makes it easy to clean after every use.
  • Furthermore,  versatile designing and quality assurance works equally at the same level of rug in kitchen service.
  • Lastly, this is quite helpful to face high foot traffic in kitchens.

Kashan Collection Traditional Floral rug

The unique loom brand offers this best choice in vintage kitchen rug runners collection. The floral design and brown contrast of color goes excellently with kitchens of any color combination. Regarding its dimensions it is 6’ * 9’ in width and length. Moreover, the mold and mildew resistance is an added characterized count of its specialty.  Likewise, other unique loom vintage kitchen runners rug, this rug is also holding the feature of long term endurance. Additionally, its back is made up of cotton which makes it possible to place as a top side of the rug also. What’s more, the high index of a thickness of this vintage kitchen rug provides high ratings to its softness factor.

Highlighted features:

  • This rug set is water and stain-resistant.
  • Moreover, this rug in kitchen equipped elegance factor makes this rug an option to place in your big rooms and halls also.
  • The vintage look and design of the lemon kitchen rug option bring charm throughout the area where it is placed.
  • Lastly, this choice meets the vintage kitchen rug target in the category of price, versatility, customer satisfaction, value for money and quality assurance at one glance of use.

Rosso Collection Vintage Traditional Distressed rug

This vintage kitchen rug set includes the rugs options in a variety of colors, sizes and dimensions. Moreover, the benefit of such immense options are that  you can choose the rug according to the size of your cooking area. Although, this rug is considered among the best multi area rugs. The polypropylene fabric of this vintage kitchen runners rug is highly durable and also of machine made. Furthermore, the minimum thickness of only 0.5 inches is helpful to meet the finishing of floor carpeting. What’s more, the value for money factor exceeds the expectations of users every time. Therefore, this vintage kitchen throw rug is most recommended for you. 

Highlighted features

  • This vintage kitchen rug runners option provides a wholly functional look to the kitchen area.
  • Moreover, due to its easy placement and easy designing it is also simple to clean.
  • If you want to go for low maintenance of rugs in the kitchen then the low-pile vintage option of lemon kitchen rug is best for you.
  • Design of Kitchen rug ikea and its traditional patterns will serve as the center of attraction in your room or kitchen.

Well Woven Barclay Sarouk vintage kitchen rug runners

This well woven polypropylene fabric made kitchen rug ikea is meant for large areas of rooms and kitchens. However, you can also use this rug in small areas by folding it too. Moreover, it is considered best in choice of black color. Although, also available in other dark colors too. Furthermore, the special option of lemon kitchen rug is stain and fade resistant. Additionally, the back of this rug is made up of 100% jute which goes excellently with wooden floors. Its softness is rated highly and 0.4 inches of pile height makes it an option of low maintenance. 

Highlighted features

  • Broken floral design of this rug works really amazingly with every type of interior space.
  • High durability of this vintage runner rug provides a long lifespan in terms of usage.
  • High pile thickness of pineapple kitchen rug is helpful for providing warmth to your feet during winters and also prevents breakage of utensils while falling down accidentally.
  • Wide spread options of available dark colors in this rug offers vintage and traditional finishing.
  • Equal quality with a budget friendly feature is an added reason to go for this kitchen rug set.

Maples Rugs Vintage Patchwork

This nylon fabric made vintage kitchen throw rug is the best among small area rugs. The timeless designing of this vintage rug is of high durability. Moreover, the fade resistance feature of this throw rug adds frequent washability.  Furthermore, a high pile of 0.44 inches provides a cushioning and soft effect to sit or stand over it. If you place it in your kitchen, forget about the fear of accidental utensils breakage. Further, the back fabric of latex adds an anti skid feature to this rug. Overall, this rug is the combination of all the demands needed in the kitchen area.

Highlighted features

  • The detailed distressed designing of pineapple kitchen rug is an essential feature to count on.
  • Moreover, its durable construction is meant for long term use.
  • Furthermore, easy care and handling instructions are at just short sight.
  • No shedding of fabric upon washing this rug in a machine brings a proven guarantee of robust quality.  

Bohemian Floor Rag Rug 

This rajrang branded throw rug is handwoven in India. The material used in making this vintage kitchen runners rug is chindi yarn which is of robust quality. Moreover, the available sizes are in three counts according to the different sizes of kitchen areas. Furthermore, its weaven type is braided which is effective to keep it dust and stain free. Additionally, this antique kitchen rug can be used as a meditation mat, doormat, laundry room carpet, bedside rug and picnic throw rug too.

Highlighted features

  • This vintage kitchen throw rug is an elegant complement to any type of interior of room.
  • Its high smoothness, softness and super comfortability factor is a perfect combination to use it for rug in kitchen various purposes.
  • Moreover, this vintage rug can be used from both sides up and down, as it is designed as the same in duality factor.
  • Protection of your floors is possibly at great rate after placing this rug in any room.

Traditional Persian Oriental Round Area rug

The brand name of this vintage rug is Carpet King. Moreover, the pattern designed is according to the Persian oriental Chinese traditional structure. Furthermore, this is the best vintage kitchen rug to use for small areas or for sitting purposes. Additionally, the polyester blend of this vintage kitchen rug set is easy to clean and hold stain resistant quality.  The origin of these rugs is in Turkey. And, apart from such counts of its uniqueness, this vintage rug is best to place in the kitchen or for those who like to have meals while sitting on the floor.

Highlighted features

  • Best vintage kitchen throw rug to beautify the decor of your cooking area.
  • Not only, easy to clean with soap or detergent but also, can be cleaned with the use of steam.
  • One of the best rounded rugs which is finished with great texture and such antique look.
  • Moreover, the long-lasting blend of fabric used in making this rug provides the possibility of high term endurance.

Safavieh Madison Collection MAD611B vintage rug

One of the most preferred runners rug among light colors and contrasts. The material used in the manufacturing of this rug is polypropylene which offers the summation to durability and endurance factor. Moreover, the chic and cute option of this vintage kitchen throw rug is meant for classic elegance along with comfortability with rate. Furthermore, this rug is pet and kid-friendly too. Further, Safavieh is the trustable brand to go for carpets and rugs options. Overall, the craftsmanship, unique style and simple design surely enhance the appearance of your kitchen area if it is placed there.

Highlighted features

  • This vintage kitchen rug set is a perfect choice to place either in the bedroom, kitchen, living area, dining area, and others too.
  • Versatility factor of design and style is excellent to reach the antique kitchen rug target.
  • The non-shedding fabric used in the manufacturing of lemon kitchen rug and pineapple kitchen rug brings long term endurance of use.
  • The sleek pile height of this rug will be proven best for any type of flooring and finishing of carpeting.

Final words

After having a sight on these options of antique kitchen rugs, you are now able to choose the most appropriate rug for your kitchen area. With these rugs options you will definitely give an inviting emotion to your kitchen and also relief while standing during cooking food continuously. In addition to this, rugs are also helpful to provide safety and protection to floors, your feet and accidental breakage of dishes. 

There are ample number of thoughts which are in mind when we want to buy the best pick of rugs in the kitchen. Therefore, now take some considerations for the best suitable option of rug for your cooking station. Moreover, keep your rugs safe and clean for providing high durability. Furthermore, the foot traffic in your kitchen is also a factor to be taken into an account before buying a best suitable rug.

Therefore, it is not the time to think more about kitchen rugs deeply and become confused. As, a short guide for kitchen rugs of antique touch is in front of your eyes. Infact, Now is the time to feel pleasure by going for an option of the best rug for your kitchen and home.