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October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020

Appealing of smart moves with – antique chess sets

Are you a chess game lover who considers this as a game of learning imagination, tactics, and patience skills?

Or, are you thinking of investing in a worthy chess set for learning intellectual skills?

Then this guided description of the chess set collection is for you.

It is a common fact that antique chess is the game that dominates other indoor sports.

During the previous times, chess was the most popular game among the indoor games category. Every person desired to keep an ideal set of chess for satisfying their recreational desires. Moreover, people play this to boost up their intellect and to give an exercise to their brains.

And, more interestingly these chess sets had vintage features. For a chess enthusiast the main matter is the designing and creation of a chessboard. Today, options of chessboard are of metal, wood and plastic are just unique picks. 

Then, wouldn’t it be better if you enjoy this old timed eminent game with its antique styled creational appearance? 

Ofcourse, it would be the best to feel pleasure playing along with antique chess setvalues.

Though, more to its collection have a glance towards the detailed information regarding antique chess sets.

What is a chess set?

What is there in a particular chess set?

Those who love playing chess and want to enhance their skills with regular practice. Or those who want to learn it from scratch – a chess set is worth buying for all. Chess is a game between two players.

A chess set contains mainly two components. One is the chess board and other are the chess pieces. 

The chessboard has a design of 64 squares of two colors. Each color is similar to the color of the chess pieces contained in a chess set. What is more, a chess board is rectangular or square in shape which is of either plastic, wood, or another robust material. And,an easy folding feature is helpful to keep it safe and for providing longevity. Some chess boards also contain compartments inside it to hold the pieces of this game. Analyzation of playing chess is quite easy because of labelling of squares on it. 

Now, regarding the second component. Then, there are 32 pieces, half of dark colors and half of light colors. Each player gets 16 pieces each while playing. Additionally, there are 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 king, 1 queen. 

And, this game holds a consistent set of rules to play. Therefore, now go through a few best antique chess sets. This is the time to get your hands on a particular choice of chess set. Enjoy the delight of playing it to meet antique chess set values. Read on the basic options of antique ivory chess set collection.

The Jarilo, Unique Wooden Chess Set

This weigel ambassador chess set acquires high preference among all other antique ivory chess sets. Regarding its looks, it is like a novice version of the antique wooden chess set. Moreover, it is light in weight which makes it easy to carry and highly portable while travelling too. What is more, the affordable price of this antique chess set is appreciable which goes very well. And, this different, and exotic chess set has crafting in the Carpathian style of Europe. Concerning the dimensions then this chess set is 20” * 20” in length and breadth.

Unique Wooden Chess Set

Features explained:

  • Hornbeam and sycamore material is used in making this chess set which makes it more sturdy.     
  • The beautiful crafted detailing on this chess set is exquisite to look at.
  • The bottom of this chessboard is Safe due to its equipment with felt pads.
  • The interior of the storage section has an internal lining that keeps the chess pieces safe.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and durability is a perfect combo reason to go for this antique chess set.

BRK HANDICRAFT Antique Chess Board Set

This is a unique antique chess board set. Moreover, the Collectible Chess board set is especially for Chess Fans and for novel beginners too. Furthermore, all pieces are of Brass metal and have a natural carving style. Additionally, the external dimension of the Chessboard is 10″ x 10″ square. More to its features and highlights the short term description in a few words are as follows.

Features explained:

  • Firstly, this antique ivory chess set is small enough in size to carry or store anywhere.
  • Secondly, an appealing feature is its antique elegant design which adds more decor to outlets.
  • Thirdly,  the lacquer wood finish provides shine and authenticity to the whole set of chess games.
  • Fourthly, the anti scratch base at the bottom is an additional feature to count on the most.
  • Lastly, foldable features offer a classic touch to the whole combination of chess sets.

The Alcazar Chess Set 

The option of this chess set is high in the mystic Carpathian Mountains of Europe, home of the Dragon and the vampire myth. Especially, artisans drew deep from the view of history of past centuries. Concerning size and dimensions, The King is a serious 5.5 inches tall and the chess board is 22.8″ x 22.8″. The larger size and a unique design of the Alcazar is a deluxe chess set. The folding chess board has a tray for keeping the chess pieces. And, the board is of beech and birch wood which is an antique wooden chess set as a whole. 

Alcazar Chess Set

Featured highlights:

  • The traditional Carpathian mountain carving gives an additional cheer to antique chess set values.
  • Birch and beech wood design and the material combination provide a sturdy and robust quality. 
  • The folding chess board has a lined insertion tray to store the chess pieces safely.
  • Moreover, exotic designs of elegant chessmen are worth purchasing this collection of antique ivory chess sets.    
  • Lastly, the material of this chess set is scratch resistant.                                        

Brass Chess Set 

This is an unique antique chess board set. All Pieces of chessmen are of Brass and hold hands carving. Moreover, Chess Board is also hand carved and of premium quality Brass and Wood. Bottom base of this option is having security with a metallic sheet.  External dimension of Chess board is around 12″ x 12″ square and the king is 2.5″ high. Therefore, these dimensions suitably cater the expectations of antique chess set values.

Brass Chess Set

Features highlighted:

  • Firstly, the intricate details of this game set motivate its appearance more.
  • The display of this chess set suits every type of ambience to provide additional decor.
  • Additionally, plenty of space is there inside the chessboard to keep chessmen safe.
  • Perfect polishing and fine detailing complete the traditional look of elegance factor.
  • In spite of its size, its lightweight factor makes it easy to carry while traveling too.

WIGANO 19″X15″ Vintage Leather Chess Set

This Leather chess set includes a Leather chess board and 3″ King Size. Wooden Chessmen With an attachable bag is helpful to keep the pieces. Moreover, if you want to feel the authenticity of playing chess then this is really best. This Product is very attractive and light in weight. Furthermore, the quality of this chess set is worth comparable with other sets too. The Chess which Includes one 19″X 15″ Tournament Leather Foldable Board with solid wooden pieces. It would make a nice attractive addition to any space wherever it will place.The finishing of the product is very smooth and attractive. 

WIGANO 19"X15" Vintage Leather Chess Set

Features highlighted:

  • Firstly, this chess set is perfect to carry for picnics, travelling because of its space saving quality.
  • Handmade stitching shows summation to high robust quality.
  •  Moreover, high quality genuine leather usage in making this vintage choice of chess set shows uniqueness.
  • Lastly, its high affordability factor is parallel to the value of satisfaction while playing also.

Isle of Lewis Compact Celtic Chess Set

This stunning portable chess set features miniature versions of the iconic Isle of Lewis chess pieces. Moreover, it has a pairing with a stoneware board along with an unique storage case. This chess set represents value for money with a traditional look. The chess pieces and board are of resin and feature fantastic detailing. Additionally, elegance is worth bragging while placing it in every type of place either cafes, dining halls, bars or restaurants. 

Lewis Compact Celtic Chess Set

Features highlighted:

  • This chess set is beautiful enough with a stunning chessmen collection.
  • Moreover, the genuine option of lewis product makes it different from other categories of chess sets.
  • Traditional lewis chess pieces are of highly durable materials.
  • Its lightweight feature shows classic touch to keep it under the portable category.
  • Lastly, one of the most famous choices among adults as more than 50% of adults prefer this to play.

Wegiel Chess Set consul chess pieces

This chess board is of beech and birch wood. And, felt bottom pieces are of hornbeam and sycamore wood are of anti-scratch quality. Moreover, hand carving and details of Poland add more authenticity to this chess set. Furthermore, the versatility oriented display of this wegiel chess set is suitable for every place. Additionally, this beautiful chess set is a perfect gift or present for chess enthusiasts. The chess board helps to keep chessmen secure and safe. 

Wegiel Chess Set consul chess pieces

Features highlighted:

  • Weighted chessmen offer the best service of learning intellectual skills.
  • This large sized chess board is quite durable because of robust material used in its making.
  • Moreover, this antique wooden chess set has a base at the bottom that is scratch resistant.
  • Furthermore, the whole chess collection is classy and lightweight for easy portability .
  • Lastly, 75% of players throughout the world recommend this chess set most useful.

Wegiel Royal 48 European Wooden Handmade 

This chess set is a wonderful, and detailing collectible make of solid hornbeam wood. Moreover, the making of this chess set  then each chess piece is individually holding crafting. Folding Birch wood chess boards stows away your chess pieces inside when you’re not playing. And, this is of  renewable plantation wood. Moreover, the board measurement is 19″W x 1.97″H x 18.5″D. Long lasting durability is an essential feature to count on while talking about this chess set.

European Wooden Handmade

Features highlighted:

  • The beautiful pieces of the Wegiel royal chess set provide a classic look to it.
  • Moreover, an ideal size of chess board makes it easy to place and carry anywhere too.
  • Furthermore, the easy storage capacity of the chessmen compartment is highly appreciable.
  • Additionally, 10 on 10 rating of this antique wooden chess set is due to extra durability offering.
  • Lastly, elegance factor is worth in estimation because of its vintage combination of elements.

Chinese chess set antique with personality chess pieces

This includes Chinese terracotta warriors and horses and pawns are unique collective pieces. Moreover, due to its compact size and small dimensions this chess set is easy to carry from one place to another. Furthermore, this high density chess board has metallic hinges with door buckles for easy maintenance. Additionally, carving on this chess set is adorable enough. The chess pieces are basically of polymer resin. The paintings on chinese chess set antique chess boards are beautiful in color and patterns.

Chinese chess set antique with personality chess pieces

Features highlighted:

  •  Resin pieces preferably hold fine details in this Chinese chess set antique appearance.
  • Moreover, this can be proven as the best vintage gift for dedicated chess players.
  • Furthermore, due to its robust material used in making this chess set is suitable to carry anywhere.
  • Chessboard and chessmen of this Chinese chess set are stain and scratch-resistant.
  • Lastly, this is one of the most ancient and traditional chess sets. It enhances the elegance of the atmosphere while placing it anywhere.

Portable Antique Chess Resin Pieces

This chinese chess set antique option of folding chess collection is perfect for intellectual development. Moreover, to beautify home decor and to utilize leisure with entertainment is the basic motto of this chess set. Fine workmanship with unique crafting and carved designs are suitably appreciable in words. Furthermore, its unique design and appearance offers a classic touch of a traditional chess set. The material used in manufacturing of this chess set is resin. And,  which is robust enough for a long span of future years. You can add such charming fun to your picnics, parties, travelling too with this chess set.

Portable Antique Chess Resin Pieces

Features highlighted:

  • The fine quality of the item makes this chess set firm to handle and sturdy to carry too.
  • Moreover, I felt pads at the bottom summate safety from scratches and stains also.
  • The chessmen holding compartment inside the chessboard doesn’t create any mess or rattle while carrying.
  • The quality of handling this chess set has to carve in a sturdy manner to add more security.
  • Lastly, this is the most unique choice to present as a gift to any chess lover. Almost 80% of Chinese people prefer this option of chess set for gifting purposes.

To recapitulate

Chess games have attained a beautiful and charming appeal of playing with the passage of time. And, for satisfying the desires of learning chess skills, a chessboard should be like the one preposition fits all. For this, a whole complete chess set needs the care of in the terms of material, skill level, and size. 

Regarding the material, the chess boards prefer to determine the durability and quality. And, to meet expectations of long-term usage the sturdiness is in major concern. 

Moreover, skill level recognizes the choice of chess set too. If you are a beginner and want to learn intellectual skills from the scratch then options are quite different from a pro chess gamer choice. 

Thirdly, portability and easy to carry features are dependent upon the size of chess sets. Therefore, to fit in the particular space and to beautify one corner of a place size matters the most out of all. 

And now all these factors are in clear observance to you. It is after going through the variety of options talking about a myriad of chess sets.

Therefore, these things are in easy finding among vintage pieces. Do not worry or think much in spending money to buy antique chess sets. Just focus on the main agenda of enjoying the balancing essence of chess playing.

It is the moment to get the optimum out of chess boards based upon preferences of various factors. Satisfy your expectation, cater your demands of chess sets with a purchasing of confidence. 

April 20, 2020

Cocktail Shaker- A bottle to mix flavors

Cocktail shakers are the best friends of beverages and ice-cubes. These were used from earlier times when big sized glasses included as cocktail shakers. As the name describes, a Cocktail shaker is an appliance, mainly to mix alcoholic beverages and ice cubes together. Most of the people use it for fruits shakes also.

When this utensil is used in the bars or restaurants, then its name changes as cocktail shakers set. This is because, at home, we can use a bottle or glass shaped shaker but in bars, there is a full set of widgets to shake beverages.

Vintage cocktail shaker- The ancient style to cool drinks

As we all know, the shaker is used to shake or blend the drinks and keep them cool till serving. Similarly, the vintage cocktail shaker has a different style and classic look. It was made up of mainly brass, copper or any other mixed metal. The blender bottle intensifies the flavor of your drink by mixing other flavors completely in it.

However, the best cocktail shaker keeps the drink flavors as it is with proper cooling. As the cocktail shaker set comes with different types of equipment, so it is easy to use in bars, hotels or resorts. Mainly, in this present era, youngsters love to buy vintage cocktail shaker set to decorate their kitchen and dining tables. Now, a cocktail blender is modified and spill and smell proof. There are various elegant designs of the cocktail shaker and its sets are available at online stores. So, let’s have a quick eye on the beautiful antique cocktail shaker bottles and designs-

Antique style octopus, stainless steel cocktail shaker

The beautiful octopus shape at the top of the bottle makes you crazy for the instant cool cocktail drink. This signature piece decorates your kitchen and bar corner at home. The steel blender is completely leak-resistant with 24oz capacity. Therefore, make your drink party funnier with the stylish cocktail shaker piece.

Highlights of Antique style octopus, stainless steel shaker

  • The stunning cap with octopus design is airtight and leaves your drink cooler.
  • The steel manufacturing of this blender makes it scratch-free and antique decorative pieces for your home.
  • This is an ideal piece for different eye-openers like Mojitos, margaritas, and alcohol mixed drinks especially.
  • It looks like the perfect gift idea for a cocktail lover.
  • This is a hand-made elegant piece to give a virtual look to your bar-cabin.

Boston cocktail shaker with engravings outside

Boston is a famous brand to design stainless steel cocktail shakers with superb quality. You can feel amazed while seeing its beautiful sculpturing outside. Additionally, to make your drink table more luxury, this is the perfect pair.

Highlights of Boston shaker with engravings outside

  • This antique shaker comes with beautiful and royal artistry on it.
  • Likewise, it is durable and constructed with superb quality stainless steel.
  • Boston cocktail shaker considers as leak-proof and smell-resistant with internal cooling quality.
  • You can use it for bars, home, and beach resorts also.
  • This elegant piece is suitable for the Mojitos, soft drinks, and drinks with alcohol and Daiquiris.

Dial a drink cocktail shaker vintage style

This cocktail shaker is a beauty and measurement device in itself. Likewise, it consists of pure steel with spill-resistant power. Additionally, this elegant vintage cocktail shaker comes with modern capacity indicators that show you the exact capacity of beverage mixing. It will intensify the cool, mouthwatering flavors of your imbibe.

Highlights of Dial a drink shaker vintage style

  • This stainless steel shaker is copper plated with amazing shine outside.
  • It has essential information around its neck and able to serve you with 15 recipes.
  • This is easy to wash with hands.
  • The best cocktail shaker is dribble resistant with tight opener.
  • The instructions given on it helps you to measure the right quantity of the beverages.

Antique style cocktail tin set

This best cocktail shaker is specially designed to stable the shapes of your drinks. Likewise, it is polished from inside and satin look outside. Additionally, the heavy cocktail shaker set considers drip-proof and smell-free. It keeps the coldness of imbibes until serving time with a heavy base. So, make your classic drinks extra flavorful in this signature piece.

Highlights of Antique style tin set

  • This cocktail shaker is stylish as well as extra thick to maintain the cooling balance of beverages.
  • These blenders are available in different colors and patterns.
  • The internal side of the shaker polished with satin glaze.
  • It is easily cleaned with hands.
  • You can hold it comfortably.

Good grips grey cocktail shaker

The modified but antique style best cocktail shaker is famous for its smell-resistant and airtight power. Additionally, it seems easy to hold while shaking. Moreover, the shot cap and dual wall thermopower leave your drink cooler. You can use it any time at your home for tasty eye-openers.

Highlights for good grips grey shaker

  • The mixer is manufactured with a stainless steel body and plastic cap.
  • This modified cocktail shaker comes with the dual-wall for long time cooling.
  • You can easily hold it even with wet hands.
  • It has an in-built strainer to save your time and makes your drinks neat and clean.
  • The measuring shot easily measures the flavors you want to use in your beverage.

Classic bamboo stand Martini cocktail shaker set

This elegant, classic store set of the cocktail mixer is the superb idea for your bar friend or cocktail lover. The 10 piece bar cocktail mixer set makes your hard duty easy with everything stored at a single place. In short, its bamboo stand has a particular space for each of the equipment. So, you can enjoy your favorite beverages at home or use this set at a bar for others.

Highlights of Classic bamboo stand Martini shaker set

  • The classy bamboo stand easily stores everything at a single place.
  • This simple but satin shine 10 piece Martini cocktail shaker set is easy to use at home and at bars.
  • These barware utensils include scuff free.
  • This whole bar storage considers as antirust with unbreakable properties.
  • Te best quality bartender set easily washes at home.

French-style Belmont Cocktail shaker, gold plated

The beautiful vintage cocktail shaker is glass shaped with rose gold plated outside. Likewise, it is of the most beautiful piece to style your drinks. It includes as heavy and durable with steel construction and a designer small glass upside. Its French-style makes it a signature piece with its golden look.

Highlights of French style Belmont shaker, gold plated

  • This beautiful antique cocktail shaker blends the flavor of all drinks put in it.
  • The golden cocktail shaker is manufactured of spill-proof stainless steel with outer golden-colored coating.
  • Likewise, it gives a vintage look to your bar corner at home.
  • You can buy it in gunmetal black and silver shades also.
  • You can easily wash it by hand only after removing the lid.

Maraca plastic glass cocktail shaker

This plastic Maraca cocktail shaker comes with 7 different recipes indicators with a transparent look. Likewise, it possesses 16oz capacity with an airtight cap. The internal strainer helps you to get a clean drink after shaking. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere and easily use it. Now, the different beverages’ measurements help you to bend your drinks according to those measurements.

Highlights of Maraca plastic glass shaker

  • This plastic glass cocktail shaker comes along the 7 different cocktail recipes with proper measurements.
  • Likewise, the blender combines with an internal sieve and a cap.
  • This considers as the leak proof and smells the free bottle, easy to carry anywhere.
  • The elegant beverage mixer is a better idea to gift to someone very close.
  • The blender bottle is easy to wash.

Stainless steel cocktail shaker with wetsuit cover

The high-resolution printed outside cover gives a vintage look to a stainless steel blender. Additionally, the hi-tech printed cover is made up of neoprene rubber material and avoids sweating and precipitation of your beverage. The airtight cap makes this bottle leak-proof. Moreover, this 16oz capacity blender is easy to hold with its neoprene cover.

Highlights of Stainless steel shaker with wetsuit cover

  • The stainless steel cocktail shaker comes with a neoprene cover that maintains the thermo temperature of your beverages.
  • Subsequently, the hi-tech printed design gives it a vintage look and flexibility to cover the mixer.
  • This is a fully airtight and smell-proof blender with easy wash.
  • The heavy slip-resistant bottom makes it stable during parties.
  • It holds a maximum of 16oz of drinks after shaking.

Rose gold bartending cocktail set with wooden holder

The six pieces bartending cocktail shaker set encloses with a wooden stand to hold all these devices. Likewise, the combination of grey and rose gold polish color makes it astound on your table or bar. Additionally, it consists of the strainer, bottle opener, jigger, long-stand spoon, and tongs. All these pieces of equipment made up of galvanized iron with long warranty terms. Hence, style your bar with this beautiful royal cocktail blender set.

Highlights of Rose gold bartending set with wooden holder

  • The collection of six signature pieces gives a luxury status to your drink table or bar.
  • All the utensils are assembled at one place on a sober wooden stand.
  • This shaker set is durable with galvanized iron manufacturing.
  • This handcrafted piece is the best gift for Christmas Eve, birthday, marriage or another celebration too.
  • The whole blender set is purely hand-crafted.

Gives a rich royal look to your bar corner with antique cocktail shaker

Cocktail drinks are the art of earlier times and modified in this era. Likewise, the vintage shaker utensils were heavy and not easy to hold. Nowadays, technology overcomes this problem and design different models of portable, handy and designer cocktail blenders. Moreover, you can buy these from online stores from Amazon or as a cocktail shaker Walmart store.

All in all, the latest cocktail shakers with the antique look are easy to use at home and bars. Additionally, these mixers come along different widgets and leak-proof caps. There look various classy and rust-proof versions of cocktail shakers bottles that emulsify your beverages’ flavors. Now, you can buy it as a single bottle with inner strains and airtight caps and as a set of numerous widgets. So, these blenders are superb for home use and as a gift also.