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March 29, 2020

Antique mirrors-The freeze ice that never melts

Nowadays, tend for antique items are going as viral as a blockbuster movie. However, in earlier times, antique things considered as the remark of rich people and their status in society. Likewise, the antique mirror included as one of those status symbol things. Do you know about the material used in these mirrors? Have you ever seen an original antique mirror glass? The answer is 30% yes. Additionally, there are various things that an expert considers while checking for an antique piece. Further, mirror designers preferred pressed, milk, carnival and elegant glass types for the manufacturing of a vintage mirror.

Moreover, antique mirrors mainly constructed with wooden, metal and stonework. The beautiful sculpturing on the antique mirror has bronze, silver or wooden base. In addition to it, in the 17ht and 1800th centuries, only queens, kings and children of emperors can use the mirror. The reason behind this considers as the richness and their social status symbols. Nowadays, everyone uses different styles and colors of mirrors but a few people also like antique mirrors.

in their home. So, lets’ have a look at the designer vintage glass dressing tables and antique hand mirrors.

Antique mirror- An original reflection of human personality

However, there is a variety of antique mirrors like hand, dressing, wall and standing mirrors. So, go through the list for elegant vintage mirrors-

Vintage pearl floral tabletop mirror

As the name suggests, this antique mirror is mainly used for the make-up. Girls mainly use it on their dressing table and become ready for their functions. The elegant look of this mirror from the front and back with clear glass attracts them to use it rather than nay bigger mirror. Hence, some specific features of this antique piece consider as below-

First and foremost for pearl floral antique reflector

Vintage pearl floral tabletop mirror
  • Special corrosion proof zinc metal used for the manufacturing of this glass. Therefore, it remains shiny ever after use.
  • The best quality beads and crystal used for the carving of this mirror.
  • This antique mirror includes as one of the best vintage mirrors due to its oval shape and portability.
  • It also has a back stand, so, you can easily use it anywhere.
  • You have several color options for the outer frame of this reflector.

Long rustic iron table vanity glass

This signature piece speaks about the centuries when it was designed first. Therefore, its vintage look and clear glass formation attract you more rather than other classy pieces. Furthermore, this antique mirror is a standing piece with two arrows like edges on both sides. Subsequently, some of the specific features for this vanity eye-catching reflector highlights as below-

First and foremost for the long rustic cast mirror

Long rustic iron table vanity glass
  • The broad heavy ironic base makes it easily fit anywhere.
  • Additionally, this long mirror possesses an oval shape with an outer floral frame.
  • As rustic cast iron used for the construction of this signature piece, hence it looks weighty.
  • The iconic design of this antique mirror glass with upside floral and arrows on edges finds rare, not common.
  • This signature piece considers as durable and century look mirror.

Antique gold cast Victorian swivel mirror

This gold look iron cast vintage-looking glass consists of beautiful Victorian design. Additionally, you can place it on your make up table or as a vintage symbol decorative piece. Moreover, it has a swivel and ostentatious birds design on cast iron with a gold touch. Likewise, a few specific attributes of this graceful mirror consider as underneath-

First and foremost for the gold cast Victorian swivel glass

Long rustic iron table vanity glass
  • The gold finish on the iron cast makes it quite different from the normal fancy antique mirrors.
  • This antique gold mirror has florid birds and Victorian swivel designs under the oval edge of the mirror.
  • Purely clear glass with a man-made sculpture framework gives you an exact reflection of your face.
  • This vanity reflector is easily placed anywhere.
  • Besides this, the mirror is properly attached from the back with pins and you can remove it easily if need a change in the mirror.

Frameless glass mirror

As the name depicts, this mirror is specially designed as a vintage piece for your living, washroom, and bedroom. Additionally, its oval and depressed edges make it very pretty rather than a framed glass. Further, it is crystal clear in appearance. Besides this, people order this elegant antique mirror glass due to its specific highlights such as-

First and foremost for the antique frameless mirror

Frameless glass mirror
  • This fanciful antique mirror glass is widely used due to its edge cut design in bash and oval look.
  • The best quality glass used for clear image reflection.
  • Moreover, backend constructs with sleek wood and a D-shaped ring to fix this delicate piece easily.
  • You can hang this antique mirror in vertical as well as horizontal direction as you like.
  • As it does not contain any frame, therefore, you need to carry it with care.

Rectangular wall antique gold mirror

This rectangular antique gold mirror has flamboyant edges framed in gold-colored wood. Likewise, the slant edges have beautiful floral carving and plain sides. Additionally, this antique mirror is the best option for your bathroom and living area walls. Mostly, people share their reviews for this classic plush piece as under-

First and foremost for the rectangular antique gold mirror

Rectangular wall antique gold mirror
  • This rectangular glass consists of a wooden sculpture frame. The golden color gives it a rich look and you feel vintage era once.
  • The chamfer edges have beautiful antique floral design while its plain sides make it posher.
  • Additionally, back is supported with a thin sheet and joined with D-rings. It helps you to easily hang it on the wall.
  • It gives a different look for design while placed horizontally or vertically on the wall.
  • You can decorate your bedroom, living area and even your bathroom wall with this vintage style glass.

Antique tri-fold wood sculptured dressing mirror

This golden tabletop antique dresser with mirror is portable to use anywhere. Further, the designer outer frame has vintage style effigy on top and at every edge of its three sides. Subsequently, the pedestals also possess sharp design and are stable after placing them on an antique table or slab. Consequently, its look makes it different from another antique dresser with a mirror. Hence, girls mostly love this piece due to its following highlights-

First and foremost for the tri-fold wood sculpture dressing mirror

Antique tri-fold wood sculptured dressing mirror
  • The outer wooden frame of this antique dresser mirror has a pretty vintage florid design from to bottom.
  • Additionally, the three-folds of this antique mirror makes it quite different from the casual ones.
  • This vintage plush piece is easily stood able on your makeup or dressing table.
  • As its frame has different styles and shapes, similarly, the internal crystal clear glass also gets different shapes as like frame.
  • This antique mirror glass reflects your three side image in its tri-folds. So, you can easily look towards your make-up and dress as well.

Tri-fold vintage mirror with drawers, table, and stool

As the name suggests, this antique vanity with mirror offers you several benefits in a single set. In short, you get a three side foldable designer framed glass, table with drawer and a sitting stool. You can change the look of your bedroom or living area with this vintage make-up dresser. More specifically, people love to buy this portable signature piece due to its following attributes lie as-

First and foremost for the three-fold vintage mirror with drawers

Tri-fold vintage mirror with drawers
  • This antique vanity with a mirror comes with five boxes and you can arrange your cosmetics and jewelry in these caissons.
  • Likewise, this sleek artistic piece needs a small area to place. You get a sitting stool and table to place your tri-fold mirror.
  • The top the mirror frame has classic antique floral work and drawers have rustic gold handles. Therefore, it remarks on the vintage look of this antique mirror.
  • As sitting stool also has the same floral blueprint as the top of the mirror frame possesses.
  • The thin curvy legs of this three-piece antique vanity with mirror give it a classic luxurious look.

Vintage oval debonair mirror with five caissons and stool

This elegant antique mirror glass comes with a unique design. In addition to it, it also combines with a table, sitting stool and replaceable mirror. Certainly, the white finish of this antique vanity mirror makes your house a century’s emperor room. Additionally, it also designed with some special features such as-

First and foremost of the vintage oval debonair mirror

Vintage oval debonair mirror with five caissons and stool
  • The best significant feature of this vintage posh piece considers as you can use this mirror with a table or without a table and stool. In short, you can place this designer dual drawer mirror on another dressing table.
  • Likewise, this oval-shaped mirror consists of double side cabins and antique pretty pillar design.
  • This reflector comes with a three-box table and a sitting stool. The round handles of these caissons make you easy to open and close it.
  • This white polished antique mirror is freely moved in every direction or at a 360degree angle.
  • The straight legs with the round foot at the bottom make it portable in narrow space.

Antique portable designer hand mirror

The beautiful peacock design at back and studded stones make you crazy to buy this antique hand mirror. Additionally, you can use it in a straight or foldable form. You can carry it in your purse or gift someone on her birthday or anniversary. Similarly, the opaque paint s filled to the carving on metal to make it more pretty. However, girls love this antique hand mirror due to some specific highlights such as-

First and foremost for the antique designer hand mirror

Antique portable designer hand mirror
  • This elegant piece has a peacock design on the back and also on the handle.
  • The crystal clear oval mirror is framed with a beautiful and colorful metal frame.
  • As it has drop like and wavy design on front and back, similarly, its handle constructs with a different floral design around the peacock.
  • Best quality metal and paint colors are used for the manufacturing and artistic look of this portable antique mirror.
  • This antique hand mirror is also studded with beautiful shiny stones that make it a royal piece.

Vintage rose design white color princess hand mirror

This antique hand mirror is famous among females due to its golden rose design and portability. Similarly, its white finish and carving under white color make it a royal glass piece. Further, its back is covered with a thin sheet to protect the oval glass. Besides this, girls attract for this pretty antique hand mirror due to its specific highlights such as-

First and foremost for the vintage rose design princess hand mirror

Vintage rose design white color princess hand mirror
  • The beautiful golden colored roses on the top and handle of this reflecting glass make it luxurious than others.
  • The royal white finish on the Resin base with sculpturing makes it scar-proof.
  • Additionally, you can easily grip this at the handle and set your make-up.
  • The oval mirror has a golden outline on a frame that makes it more classic than usual mirrors.
  • This is a standing antique hand mirror with princess gold roses bunch on each side.




European style make-up bronze glass

This signature style bronze antique mirror has European centaury design and style. The outer frame of this antique mirror glass makes you crazy to buy this. In short, the floral artistic look with pearl and stones make it more luxurious rather than other standing reflectors. Additionally, this antique mirror signifies some specific features like as-

First and foremost for the European style make-up bronze glass

European style make-up bronze glass
  • The metal frame with bronze color for oval style mirror gives it the name of the European nostalgic vintage mirror.
  • The opulent artistry on the frame with rhinestone and floral carving makes it a special decorative piece.
  • The pearls in an oval shape for framing used to make it a significant royal piece.
  • The top and bottom of the frame have golden roses that give it a more vintage look.
  • This single side antique mirror can easily fit on the dressing table.

The retro beauty of antique mirrors- Now in the furnished form

Certainly, antique mirrors have their own style and look in this modern era. These are quite different from our LED lightening dressing mirrors and have their own centaury artistry. Likewise, antique mirrors are now in trend but polished with quality. A mirror can’t stay for a long time but its design and shapes are stable. Therefore, the vintage style glass reflectors come in earlier time glass shapes and styles. So, you can choose a variety in it and now can order online.

February 6, 2020

Antique tables- the existence of pretty furniture

Nowadays, we get too much modernized in our style, furniture, clothing, and food also. But what do you feel if you have an opportunity to buy antique tables? The answer is royalty feel like a King or queen. Hence, today we come up with the classy collection of the antique tables. Additionally, a writer shares his thought for antique furniture as “be original with your furniture and your house will speak itself.” Therefore, these luxury look furniture items bloom your home with quality as well as a high decent look. Here, we go for some special picked antique tables as below-

Antique End tables- The Timeless Beauty of Your Home

French country end table with drawer and shelf

This table has a square shape with four designer legs. Likewise, the antique lovers use it as a side table or as a lampstand. Subsequently, the drawer under the upper shelf gives space for the storage of papers and bills. Likewise, this is one of the best square antique end tables and you can easily fit it anywhere. Besides this, a few prominent highlights of this table consider as below-

French Country Table - Antique Items

Reasons to buy

  • Best quality wood is used for the construction of this table.
  • The lower shelf is well contrasted with the upper shelf and you can use it for dual piece decorative items.
  • The drawer below the upper shelf makes it useful to assemble your documents, keys and other small things.
  • You can use this durable table anywhere in the living room.

Rafferty chair side antique end table

As the name suggests, this antique table is used as a chairside table for your tea time. This royal look antique piece is one of the most liked antique end tables. Similarly, you can use it in your garden or dining hall for the sip of coffee and tea with your beloved one. Additionally, it’s waved legs design makes it different from other antique tables. On the other hand, people prefer this elegant rectangular antique piece for their homes due to its following qualities-

Reasons to buy

Rafferty chair side antique end table
  • The square piece comes with the broad round metal nails inside the shelf.
  • This best ever antique end table has metal legs with wavy design and styled end four bottom pads. The whole pad piece has a handwork design on it.
  • The upper broad shelf in rectangular shape gives you a large space to use it as a wall table also.
  • These dark brown antique end tables consist of a bottom bracket that provides you extra space.

Dark brown round antique end tables

These traditional, classy round end tables have a classy look in dark brown color. Additionally, the center glass and designer open bottom make it different from other antique end tables. Likewise, its legs also consider a floral pattern with a round pot like a foot that touches the floor. Moreover, people buy this signature piece due to its specific highlights such as-

Dark brown round antique end tables

Reasons to buy

  • The carvings on the round edges, legs and on foot of this signature table make you crazy to buy it at any cost.
  • Additionally, the transparent mirror in the center of the woodwork antique end table gives it a royal look.
  • The bottom of this table has designer edges and feet with an open center.
  • The small pots like the shape of the feet of this one of the antique tables adjust it in a small area.

Wedge end antique tables

As the name suggests, this table has a wedge shape with long sleek legs. Additionally, it looks like a trendy elucidation of antique end tables in this new era. Similarly, the narrow front and broad end make you curious to buy it for luxurious decorative items. Consequently, it also considers a lower ledge that provides you enough space for books and magazines. Further, this antique shaker furniture also loaded with other properties like-

Wedge end antique tables

Reasons to buy

  • Atypical wedge shape differs from this table from other antique tables. You can use it in between sofas or congested space in chairs.
  • The long, equal, sleek straight legs of this table make it easy to stand and fit anywhere.
  • The lower mantelshelf makes you convenient to keep regular magazines and novels.
  • Its sober straight look attracts you towards this single white end table.

 Antique Pool Tables- Make Your Game Royal

 Grey finish vintage slate billiards pool table

This elegant table has sleek design as plain with metal nails as a diamond look on it. The felt of this one of the best antique pool tables has several color choices. Besides this, this vintage pool table has a freaky and classy design as broadsides. Likewise, its cross legs design and center stand to make it easy to place anywhere in your playing area. However, a few prominent features of this styled look grey pool table include as below-

 Grey finish vintage slate billiards pool table

Reasons to buy

  • It has slate grey antique color finishing and cross leg design. Therefore, people prefer their uses in their living area too.
  • There are several color options for felt and base in this table.
  • The rail considers six pockets at every side as ball dropper. These all consist of pure leather.
  • Best quality stiff wood used for manufacturing; hence it lives with your family for years.

Octagon 58 bumper pool, poker and dine table

This signature table comes with its turnable feature. The octagon shape makes it classy and different from others. Additionally, people use it as a playing table as well as the dining table too. However, this primary piece of the vintage table among all other classic antique pool tables is more convenient to use and place. Hence, lets’ have a glance on the prominent highlights of this kind of antique tables

Octagon 58 bumper pool

Reasons to buy

  • This is a multipurpose antique pool table. You can use this octagon-shaped antique table for poker, pool, and dinner also.
  • It has glass and chips receptacles if you want to enjoy your drink time like earlier rich people.
  • You can easily replace the upper portion as a dining table by turning it by covering the other pool play portions downside.
  • The plinths have to carve man-made designing on it and are in a circular shape.

Antique slate pool table with burgundy felt

This table enhances its beauty with its burgundy felt and designer pedestals. Additionally, the upper designing with standard pockets and its walnut color finishing make it quite different from other antique tables. Besides this, people have several choices for the antique pool tables but they prefer it due to-

Reasons to buy

Antique slate pool table with burgundy felt
  • This walnut color combines well with burgundy felt. Therefore, its attractive color combination makes you crazy for this table.
  • The elegant pedestals have a ball and claw design that the earlier times emperors use for their special times. In short, you have a royal feel while play billiards.
  • The buckler pockets help you drop your ball in it rather than the floor.
  • This eight feet long table is durable as it constructed with maple wood.

 Farmhouse Tables- The Soul of Your Home

 Rectangular end antique table farmhouse

This farmhouse table is a signature table itself. It increases the beauty of your farmhouse with its simple dual-color look. Additionally, this vintage end table quite differs from the regular one. Consequently, its legs look outward from up to down. Most of the people use this traditional antique table due to its specific character like-

 Rectangular end antique table farmhouse

Reasons to buy

  • The brown slab upside and white bottom contrast make it different from others.
  • The lowercase shelf is enough spacious for bookkeeping and magazines.
  • You can use it as a side table in your bedroom or in the living area where space looks congested.
  • Special pine wood used for the construction of this durable antique farmhouse table. In addition to it, similar other antique farmhouse tables for sale are available on Amazon.

Round end side vintage table for farmhouse living room

Additionally, most of the round tables are used as the center table. But this browny round end antique table is one of the smallest antique tables. As there are many antique farmhouse tables for sale on web stores but this one is framed in a metal stand. Therefore, you can use it in a small portion of your living area. However, this specific vintage table includes as more pretty than others due to-

Reasons to buy

side vintage table for farmhouse living room
  • The circular round edge upside is beautifully attached to the metal stand. The upper portion is fully coated with brownish polish.
  • The sleek legs of this table are crossed each other from the bottom that gives it a perfect balance.
  • This is a beautiful regular use decorative table or you can use it as a bed table due to its smaller space covering.
  • All the four pedestals claw it on the upside.

Antique three rack bookshelf farmhouse end table

This end table is elegant in its vintage look. Similarly, like other antique farmhouse tables for sale has single or double shelves, but this table has three ledges. You can use it for various purposes such as bookkeeping, three-piece decorations or for kids’ room. Moreover, it has cross closing at the back so that your books can’t slip outside. However, a few specific features of this antique table consider as below-

three rack bookshelf farmhouse end table

Reasons to buy

  • There are many antique farmhouse tables for sale but this one is special due to its three mantelshelves inside and one base shelf at upward.
  • You can use it for books, magazines and decoration pieces also.
  • The backend is closed with thin, flat metal sticks.
  • You can’t restrict it for a single color only. In short, you have color choices to buy this vintage table according to your choice as for kids or adult room.

Vintage 3tier open shelf round farmhouse table

As the name suggests, this side table has a designer look with round sills. Additionally, this table is designed in a way that you can use it in small areas of your house for decorative items. Likewise, the hand-made designer strands are used with carving in it. This lightweight round table gives a luxury look to your home and occupies a small space or corner as well. Besides this, youngsters love this table due to its beautiful features like-

Vintage 3tier open shelf round farmhouse table

Reasons to buy

  • Among other antique farmhouse tables for sale at online stores, this is prettier for use due to its small area fitting.
  • Additionally, three decorative round plates with designer wood stalk make you curious to buy this.
  • The hand-made sculptor on the canes around round plates makes it beautiful in white color.
  • This vintage table is lightweight as well as decorative among other antique tables.

Do you really recognize the antique tables?

Certainly, this is not easy to identify the antique tables in a single sight. So, the question arises that how to identify antique tables? The most important thing, you can check firstly, is its wood carving and polish. Secondly, every antique table has its specific shape according to the manufacturing years like the 18th centaury antique table has a rectangular collection. Similarly, T and V-shaped pedestal dining tables came in popularity n 20th centaury. Therefore, it helps to remove your confusion that how to identify antique tables.

Above all, antique tables are the best ever option to decorate your home and restaurants. Therefore, these also come in modernized furniture look but the antique tables have much stronger wood than today. In addition to it, pine, maple, and other engineered wood and veneers used for the construction of these antique tables. Overall, there is no match for the vintage pieces.